Thinking about travelling with your pet?

Published on 11 June 2024

Maybe you live in Spain and are thinking about visiting another country with your pet?  

We know how important our pets are, and we want to give you some advice if you are thinking of taking a trip with them soon! 

 If you are travelling to any European country (in addition to Norway and Northern Ireland), you will probably have no problems. European rules are often common to facilitate the free movement of people as well as pets. So, with a few exceptions, your furry friend can accompany you as long as: 

  • it has a valid microchip, and its rabies vaccination is up to date. 
  • your dog is treated for Echinococcus multilocularis tapeworm if you are travelling directly to Finland, Ireland, Malta, Northern Ireland, or Norway. 
  • it has a valid European pet passport (passports issued in Andorra, Switzerland, the Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Greenland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino or Vatican City State are also valid for entry and movement within the EU). 

The rules for Great Britain differ slightly. Here, too, your dog must be treated for tapeworm before travelling and recorded in the pet passport or in the health certificate. The treatment must have been given at least 24 hours and not more than 120 hours (5 days) before entering Britain. If you do not comply with this rule, your dog may be refused entry or quarantined. 

The good news is that your European pet passport will still be valid (even those issued in Andorra, Switzerland, the Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Greenland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino or Vatican City State). And, alternatively, you can enter or return to Great Britain using one of these other documents instead of a European passport, if your pet was brought to Spain from England, Wales, or Scotland: 

  • an animal health certificate (AHC) issued in Great Britain within the last 4 months 
  • a pet passport issued in Great Britain before 1st of January 2021 
  • a pet health certificate issued in Great Britain within the last 10 days 

You will always be asked for the originals of all documents, not photocopies! 

In any case, before you travel, check with the competent authorities the requirements and documents needed, particularly if you are not travelling directly from Spain to another European country. It's important you check and know the rules of the country you are travelling to in advance, nobody wants its friend to be put in quarantine for up to 4 months. 

Here are some tips to make the road more comfortable for your most loyal friend if you like the option of travelling by car: 

  • Keep your pets safe and secure in a well-ventilated carrier. Whatever you choose, make sure it is large enough for your pet to stand, sit, lie down, and turn around in. And please be sure to always secure the crate, so it won’t slide or shift in the event of a quick stop. 
  • Your pet’s travel-feeding schedule should start with a light meal three to four hours before departure. Don’t feed your pet in a moving vehicle, even if it is a long drive. 
  • Never leave your animal alone in a parked vehicle. Even with the windows open, a parked car can become a furnace in no time, and heatstroke can develop. In cold weather, a car can freeze an animal to death. 
  • What’s in your pet’s travelling kit? In addition to travel papers, food, bowl, leash, a waste scoop, plastic bags, grooming supplies, medication, and a pet first-aid kit, pack a favourite toy or pillow to give your pet a sense of familiarity. 
  • Don't allow your pet to ride with his head outside the window. He could be injured by flying objects.  
  • Opt for bottled water or tap water stored in plastic bottles. It is possible for your pet to experience stomach upset by drinking water from an area he is not used to. 

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